Acrostaff Tutorials

Acrostaff Tutorials

Acrostaff is a form of staff manipulation where a strong staff is used to jump on, pirouette on, vault with and other cool and fun stuff. This page contains acrostaff tutorials for beginners and the more advanced.

Acrostaff takes it’s influence from monkey staff (kung fu) and some elements of Chinese pole. It was first introduced into the modern contact staff and staff spinning worlds by No Sweat. If you haven’t seen their beautifully made and hugely influential video check it out here.

I owe No Sweat a huge debt of gratitude. Without their inspiration and instruction I, and many others, wouldn’t be having nearly as much fun as we are!

These tutorials contain acrostaff moves and tricks I’ve stolen for elsewhere, there’s few, if any, I can claim any credit for. Apart from No Sweat, and Kev in particular, I should acknowledge the following people for sharing their skills: João Paulo Santos, Alain Fernandez, Richii and most of the people I’ve ever jammed with.

Beginner Acrostaff Tutorials

Basic or less physically demanding acrostaff moves.


Plant Pirouette

Caspar Pirouette

More coming soon…

Intermediate Acrostaff Tutorials

Slightly more technical, physically demanding or scary acrostaff tricks.

Kicking Vault Cartwheel

More coming soon…

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