Fire Staff Spinning Tutorials

Do you want to learn to spin a fire staff? This page has beginner and more advanced staff spinning tutorials and lessons. Many of these fire staff moves can be learned quickly and easily. Once you master them and learn to combine them you can create impressive sequence with just a few tricks. You don’t need to learn these staff tricks to be able to learn contact staff but it’s a very good idea. Learning the basics will help you become familiar with how the staff works and feels. These moves will also help you to transition between contact staff moves.

Beginner Fire Staff Tutorials

- Rotor

- Rotor 360

- Forwards Figure of 8

- Reverse Figure of 8

More coming soon…

Intermediate Fire Staff Tutorials

- Figure of 8 Switch

- Varial

More coming soon…

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  1. evilape619 says:

    When will we get more Fire Staff Tutorials

  2. evilape619 says:

    Chazz thanks a lot need all the help i can get

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