A Bit About Me

My name’s Chazz Parham and I’ve been spinning a staff since 2003. I currently live in Bristol, UK, but have spent a few years in Southampton and Brighton since leaving the rural surroundings I grew up in.

I got hooked on contact staff about a year after I started spinning. The British Juggling Convention, Southampton University Circus Society, MCP, Sandy McClure, Tim Chown and Strugz all played a big part in opening my eyes to the world of contact staff.

Since then, it has become an obsession and I’ve experimented with double staff, s-staffs and dragon staff, but single contact staff remains my favourite prop.

I tend to get recognised as “that guy who does staff with his feet” but more recently I’ve been influenced by the No Sweat crew, João Paulo Santos and Monkey staff kung fu into combining more acrobatic elements into staff spinning.

If you’d like to see my current state of play have a look at these videos:

My contact staff performance at BoB 2012:

A video of legs and feet contact staff moves:

And my most recent contact staff video, filmed in Bristol, Xmas 2012, featuring hard upper body moves and my first dabbles in acro staff:

So that’s enough about me. The next posts will feature some of my favourite contact staff videos from some of my favourite spinners…

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