Matrix Endurance

This slightly ridiculous game started at Fire Drums juggling games this year. They ran a Matrix endurance competition which I managed to win with a seemingly good run of 34 consecutive Matrixs (Matrices?)

Teddy Petrosky, who can be seen throwing his staff down at the end of the Fire Drums video and who’s contact staff routine is in the post below this, then laid down the gauntlet: first to 100 receives a six-pack of beer from the loser. Now things were getting interesting!

Teddy smashed out this training video of him putting a run of 81 together. This shocked me into action as beer is very important to me so I managed to get to 100 and actually go beyond to 216.

After a couple of days of feeling smug, this happened:

As MCP appropriately put it “That’s what happens when you get into a dick measuring competition with Russians”.

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