Tricking – Matt Emig

Contact-Staff.comOk, so this isn’t contact staff but indulge new recent tricking obsession. I think the future of contact staff is in body movement and I’m currently spending a lot of time trying to learn tricking and incorporate it in to contact and acro staff.

Not only is Matt Emig a great tricker but he’s got some skills with nunchucks. There may be a couple of things that can be transferred to staff manipulation in here but I’ve mainly posted it for you to drool over!

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Fei Cha – Partner and Doubles and Triples

One of the best fei cha videos I’ve seen. Some leg tricks I’ve not seen elsewhere plus some amazing partner and double fei cha work. The one triple fei cha trick is impressive, sure, but the dude looks like a chicken while doing it!

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Lewie West *Swoon*

Lewie West’s moves make me go weak at the knees. He’s the most consummate movement artist I know of. You can see so many influences in his work; tumbling, tricking, breakdance, contemporary dance and more. How he mixes these influences shows astonishing creativity and everything is executed with beautiful form.

There’s no way you could add a staff to much of this but there’s still plenty of staffing potential in here. Besides, it should serve as inspiration to anyone doing any sort of movement art.

Check out Lewie’s other videos too…

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Turtle’s Gone Fishing Again

This video came out earlier in the summer and knocked my socks off. There’s loads of interesting and super-smooth fishtail patterns and variations in here.

I was fortunate enough to meet Simon (Turtle) at the EJC and again at Play this year. He’s certainly a character! You can see much of Simon’s happy/crazy demeanor in this clip of his performance at Play’s fire gala.

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Tutorials and Acrostaff Shop!

It may have seemed quiet around here but I’ve been busy! Check out the new menus above for links to staff spinning, contact staff and acrostaff tutorials. Above is an example of an acrostaff tutorial.

You can also now buy acrostaffs from here!

There’s a contact form as well so if you find any broken links or want to request a specific tutorial please let me know.

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Teddy’s Acrostaff Log Continues…

Another well edited video from Teddy. He’s developing some nice techniques here and has an interesting variation on a vault kick.

Keep your eyes on this space for exciting acrostaff announcements soon…

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Johnnyjuan Guardiola

Another staff medley that needs more views! Go and give Johnnyjuan some love! This short-ish video contains contact staff, dragon staff and some techy doubles spinning.

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Yes, I Staff

Oh, jeez. It’s been ages again. Sorry. Exciting things are afoot though; tutorials have been filmed and are being edited. Acrostaffs are being made and will soon be for sale.

In the meantime, here’s a video that deserves more views. A staff medley featuring dragon staff, double staff, four-staff juggling, contact staff and even a juggling cube. Great work from La compagnie CHK1.

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Jeremy Croxton: Home

It’s great to see some more high quality contact staff routines appearing. Showcasing contact staff on stage with both a high level of skill but also as a performance with expression, dance or narrative helps to make it an art rather than just a hobby/skill.

This routine by Jeremy is a good example of this. It’s great to see his progress as he strives to inject dance, movement and emotion into his spinning He’s obviously been well and truly bitten by the contact staff bug! I look forward to seeing more from Jeremy…

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Teddy – Acrostaff and Contact Staff

Warning – the sound track to this video contains some naughty words!

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Teddy quite a lot last summer and it’s great to see him making more staff videos. This one contains some cool acrostaff ideas (using a staff made roughly along the lines of those described here) as well as some nicely presented single contact staff and some sweet double staff contact.

I’d hit the subscribe button on Teddy’s channel as I have a feeling he’s going to get even better…

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